Cash outflow (long duration)

₹5.5 Cr

Cash outflow (short duration)

₹5.5 Cr

Cash of delay

₹5.5 Cr

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Cost of Delay of SIP investment?

Your child was very young. You thought that there’s plenty of time to start investing or saving for their higher education. So, you stalled their education saving. Now it has been 4 years. You realize that had you started investing 4 years ago, you would’ve managed to save quite a lot by now. That could be your story. But not when we are here! That’s why, we present you our Cost of Delay (CoD) Calculator.Through this calculator, you can find out if you delay starting an SIP today, how much will you be missing out on your savings. In other words, cost of delay in making an SIP investment refers to the amount an investor stands to lose if they delay starting SIP investments by a specific period. Even minor delays can make a significant impact on an investor’s wealth in the long term.

Edufund’s delay cost calculator estimates how much you stand to lose if you delay starting your SIP by a few months.

How to Use the EduFund Delay Cost Calculator?

The amount you wish to save
a) Your monthly SIP
b) The return rate your choice of SIP if offering or your expected annual rate of return
c) For how long do you plan on investing (in years)
d) When do you begin your investments (exact date)

e) Delay in starting SIP from today (in months)

By entering all these details, the calculator will show you how much you would save with and without the delay, along with the amount you would lose if you delay your investments.

Why Use the EduFund Delay Cost Calculator?

“Power of Compounding”. Irrespective of whether you’re a new investor or a seasoned one, this is a phrase that you must have come across almost everywhere. This basically means that the sooner you begin, the higher your savings are going to be. Why? Because it will only keep adding up. When you start early, not only will you achieve your goal amount sooner but you’ll also have the privilege to choose a lower amount for your monthly SIPs.

What happens if I delay my investments?

A simple answer to that question is that you will have less savings and it will affect your wealth generation. What’s worse than this is the regret that would prevail you when you realize the amount you would’ve save had you not delayed your investments in the first place.

How is the Delay Cost Calculator useful to me?

Through the EduFund Cost Calculator, you will find out the estimated amount that you will be losing in your savings if you stall your investments.
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